12 Catchphrases to Use for Your Inevitable Real Housewives Audition / by Madonna Refugia

  1. “So what if I’m an ice queen? Pour some whiskey on me and lets have some fun.”
  2. “I’m the opposite of Cinderella: I went from riches to riches.”
  3. “Rome wasn’t built in a day - but that’s because Rome wasn’t married to a plastic surgeon.”
  4. “I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but at least I’m the richest.”
  5. “Emotionally destructive sex is my cardio and I’m ready to sweat.”
  6. “I’m no chef. But when it comes to cooking up drama, I’m like Bobby Flay.”
  7. “I’m a CEO on the streets and between the sheets!”
  8. “Money is the only thing raining on my parade!”
  9. “I don’t get blackout drunk, I get blackout fabulous.”
  10. “I don’t need plastic surgery. Plastic surgery needs me.”
  11. “I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to make business partners.”
  12. “When life gave me lemons, I made sangria. Bottoms up!”